Gambar di Form Access

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Menjawab pertanyaan Puji Astuti – tentang: Posting Menampilkan Gambar Pada Form

Menampilkan Gambar/Foto/Image/Picture tanpa harus menyimpan dalam file database maka berikut saya lampirkan file TampilGambar.ZIP

Silahkan dibuka karena sumbernya dari mana-mana yang jelas Microsoft juga membahas hal ini di

ACC: How to Display Images in a Form or in a Report Without Storing the Images in a Table

Berikut cuplikan dari Microsoft Access Help dan Support:
“Sometimes it is not practical to store images in a Microsoft Access table. If you have a large number of images, or if each of your image files is large, the size of the Microsoft Access database file can rapidly increase. The following examples show you how to display Windows bitmap images on a Microsoft Access form and on a report without storing the images in a Microsoft Access table.”

Dan beberapa pakar Access juga membahas salah satunya Microsoft® Access Software & UtilitiesHandling Images with Microsoft® Access

Jadi ada tiga macam cara mengelola gambar di Access yaitu:

1. Simpan sebagai gambar di OLE Field  – Store the image in an OLE field and use a bound object frame to display the image.

2. Simpan alamat path/dir dalam text field yang dapat digunakan sbg control image – Store the path to the image in a text field, using an image control to display the image.

3. Simpan sebagai BLOB dalam OLE Field – Store the image as a binary large object bitmap (BLOB) in an OLE field, extract the image when required and use an image control to display the image.

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